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Bucharest: the melancholy of a city caught between times

I can call home a lot of places, but there’s only one who has all the nostalgia of the place where I first learn to walk, speak and love. And this is Bucharest.

This post is not about 10, 50 or 100 reasons why you should visit the capital of Romania. It’s just about Bucharest, seen through my eyes, after a lifetime spent there, and after I left it almost one year ago already.

Sometimes it’s strange to feel like a tourist in the city you grew up, but this also lets you see everything around you with the curiosity of the first comer.

And yes, maybe we see what we want to see, that’s why most of the pictures taken in my two days trip in Bucharest have something in common: it’s the melancholy of a city trying to get over its communist legacy and step into a new era, where the TVs are no more black and white, people are more smiling and everything is lighter and serene.


But, somehow, the old time’s nostalgia remains in some corners of the buildings, in the way the sun goes down over the gray blocks, or even in people faces. It’s something that can’t be denied and something that will always remind me of my own childhood spent on the streets of Bucharest.

This is my city, Bucharest. With all its imperfections, it’s still somehow perfect to me. And even it’s not my home anymore, it has such a special place in my heart.

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