100 Days of Summer Berlin

100 Days of Summer in Berlin

For me, every season is more of a state of mind. So it’s summer. It’s everything about morning coffees, flowers, markets, beautiful people, blue skies, unexpectedly summer rains, glittery lights, long evenings and good company.

And this is my first summer in Berlin. I came here last autumn and I “survived” all the misty, gray, rainy and freezing days of winter. Even if everybody was telling me winter can be quite depressing here, I somehow liked it. You know, that kind of sweater and hot chocolate weather.

But then, one day, everything turned sunny and bright again and the city around me was blooming. It’s summer, my first summer here, and Berlin looks so different, with its dark and historic air, but now wrapped in this new green and colorful atmosphere.

It’s something about this city in the summer. Sometimes I feel like every night when everybody’s sleeping, something magic happens and next day, in the morning, Berlin is brand new, with more and more things ready to amaze me. Maybe it’s about the people here, the airy and serene atmosphere, the Sunday mornings when I can hear the church bells ringing, the Friday nights when almost everybody it’s outside, melting in this big city hassle or maybe it’s about the long evenings when the sky has metallic blue hues and the darkness is overthinking about coming or not.

And as I’m not sure next summer I’ll still be here, I’ve decided to make the best of it. Here you’ll see it through my eyes, but also through the eyes of some random but interesting people I know or I just met here.

So, these are 100 Days of Summer in Berlin. In order not to miss your daily summer inspiration, don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and on Instagram, where you’ll find more about #100daysofsummerinberlin. And if you live here and you want to share with me what your summer in Berlin looks like (or even in your home country), drop me an email and we’ll set up a little interview and maybe a photo shooting.

Stay tuned, cause #100daysofsummerinberlin are here to stay!

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