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Spring Traditions from Around the World

Whether it is about celebrating Easter, observing the spring equinox, or welcoming nature’s rebirth and the return of warm weather, spring is celebrated in many ways. Here is a list of 10 spring traditions from around the world that…

Plum Dumplings
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Plum Dumplings Recipe (Galuste cu prune)

My grandmother used to make plum dumplings in the late summer and fall when she would find juicy and sweet plums everywhere on the outside markets in Bucharest. This recipe has Hungarian, German, and Romanian origins, and it’s filling…

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How to read more books in the new year

One of my dearest childhood memories is a beautiful summer day on my grandparents’ balcony. I was looking at the blue sky while sitting on the sofa with a book in my hand. I was no more than ten…