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Photo Diaries: A snowy day in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe on a snowy day with snow covered trees

To me, there aren’t many things that could beat a snowy day in the mountains. I love waking up in a winter wonderland and planning my day according to the weather outside. And many times, that means going out in nature no matter how cold or windy it is. Or how strong it snows!

Last month, we arrived in Lake Tahoe in the middle of a snowstorm (driving for 6 hours wasn’t my favorite part, though). The lake was frozen and quiet, surrounded by forests and mountains, sound asleep under the dense snow cover. So few people were outside in that terrible snowstorm, and I couldn’t be happier to be one of them. It felt like I had all the beauty of nature only for myself.

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snow covered trees in lake tahoe

Window view on a winter day

snow storm in lake tahoe

Hampton Inn by Hilton in Lake Tahoe snowy pinecone

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