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Local Culture Spring

Spring Traditions from Around the World

Whether it is about celebrating Easter, observing the spring equinox, or welcoming nature’s rebirth and the return of warm weather, spring is celebrated in many ways. Here is a list of 10 spring traditions from around the world that…

Local Culture Porto Portugal

A short history of Azulejos

Azulejos – a quintessential part of the Portuguese heritage There are few things more Portuguese than Azulejos – the traditional ceramic tiles that are all over the country. For centuries, Portuguese have been using tiles for decorating their churches,…

Local Culture Salzburg

Legends of Untersberg

There are a lot of legends and fairy tales surrounding Untersberg, the mythic mountain in Austria. Many of them refer to ancestral creatures – the dwarfs, small people with magical powers, the time-traveling phenomenon, and legendary emperors. I read…