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10 Festive Christmas Trees I love this year

Burgundy Christmas Tree

With Christmas around the corner, this is the peak season for decorating your home! Every year I love gathering ideas for decorating my Christmas tree. And even though there are ornaments very dear to my heart that I always use, I try a new decorating theme every Christmas. So if you’re still in search of Christmas Trees decorating ideas or you’re just curious what my favorites are, keep reading below:

Festive Ribbon Tree

I love this festive tree so simply decorated with colored ribbons! It transports me back to when people used to decorate their Christmas trees with what they had around at home.

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Mini Houses Christmas Tree

How cute is this little Christmas tree? I’m also considering doing some easy paper houses for my Christmas tree this year!

Flower Decorations

This trend has been with us for some time, and I find it so pretty and elegant. There are also many tutorials about how to make your own flower decorations (read one by clicking on the photo source).

Marsala Red Decorations

In 2015, Marsala Read was the color of the year, but even now, this is one of the most beautiful colors! And I love it for interior design, Christmas decorations, and dresses!

Green, Blue & Plaid

This makes for such a cozy Christmas Tree! I imagine myself on the sofa in front of this tree, with a good book on a snowy winter day!

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Old Fashioned Candle Lit Christmas Tree

I love old-fashioned Christmas Trees! I always thought candles were a unique ornament (though I opt for LED candles), and they give such a vintage vibe to your tree!

Dried Orange Slices

This is an ornament I make almost every year! It’s easy to make, and your kitchen will smell heavenly! You can try baking different citrus fruits: oranges, blood oranges, lemons, and limes.

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White and gold Scandinavian inspiration

If you’re into Scandinavian design (like me) and want to make your own ornaments, try these handmade clay stars decorations! 

Pinecones and burlap

This design goes well for a small outside potted tree, but you could also try it on your big living room Christmas tree!

Burgundy and white

Burgundy and white make for such a stylish combination! And I love the paper ornaments!

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below! Happy Holidays!

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