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How to read more books in the new year

Read more books

One of my dearest childhood memories is a beautiful summer day on my grandparents’ balcony. I was looking at the blue sky while sitting on the sofa with a book in my hand. I was no more than ten years old, and reading on that balcony was one of my favorite summer activities. 

But there was a point in my life when I lost connection with reading; I still don’t know why. When I gained it back a couple of years later, it was like I had found my best friend again. I still find reading the most relaxing thing you can do, no matter where you are. I love reading at home, in my reading nook, on the subway or bus, on a road trip, or on the airplane, and sometimes with a glass of wine for an extra treat.

So how do I find time for reading? I make time for it! It’s easy, and you could do it too!

Find out below five effortless ways to read more this year (and always):

1. Set up a cozy reading place

You don’t necessarily need a whole room for reading; even a tiny corner in your living room, bedroom, or outside can do this job if it’s comfortable and invites you to curl up with a book. All you need is a comfortable chair (or armchair, sofa, pouf), a source of light, a cozy blanket, and a stack of books. Sure, you can go further and define the area with a rug, add some plants, candles, and art, whatever makes you feel comfortable and ready to escape the world around you while reading. For a long time, I’ve been using a small corner in my son’s room for reading, and the most comfortable piece of my reading nook is this beloved recliner from Ikea.

Reading nook

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2. Routines are everything

Start by setting a dedicated reading time. But, again, you don’t need big chunks of time for that. You can start with 10 minutes and go from here. For example, I read every day in the morning while I drink my coffee and sometimes in the evening before dinner. These are my daily reading routines, and I do them no matter what. 

3. Start small. Extra-small

When I started reading again, I wanted to finish a 450 pages book in one week. But that wasn’t likely to happen, considering the tiny amount of time I had for reading. So I got frustrated and decided I didn’t have time for reading at that point in my life. But then I thought, what if I only read ten pages daily while drinking my coffee? I could do that. And this was the beginning. From 10 pages, I went to 30 every morning, but I still have days when I only have time for up to ten pages. And that’s perfectly fine! Remember, even five pages are better than nothing. Just pick that book, open it and read for 10 minutes. And do the same tomorrow!

reading on the beach

4. Don’t continue what you don’t like

If you don’t like a book, put it down and save your time with something you’re not enjoying or find useful. Many other exciting books are waiting to be discovered. I know if I need to give up a book after the first 50-100 pages (yes, that long).

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5. Have a book with you everywhere

Sure, it’s nice to read in the comfort of your home, but what about all the waiting time you have during the day? Think commute time (if you don’t drive) while traveling or waiting for various appointments. Have a book with you and enjoy your reading time while on the go!

And an extra point: keep track of what you’re reading on Goodreads! (you can find out more about what I love reading by following me here).

So this year, choose the books you like and let yourself fall in love with reading again! Let me know in the comments what do you plan to read this year and how you make time for it!

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