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How to travel the world without leaving home

While nothing can replace the real experience of traveling, when you hop on the plane or car and hit the road, with tones of plans, list of things to see, and places to visit, there are still ways you can see the world and ease your wanderlust from the comfort of your couch.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of ways to travel the world without leaving your home. I hope you can use these ideas and feel more inspired to see the world, and maybe when things come back to normal, and we can travel again, you will have a new list of places you want to visit, for real.

1. Visit the world’s famous museums, completely free with Google Arts & Culture. There are over 1200 museums from all over the world available for you to discover.

2. Explore the Great Pyramids with a virtual self-guided tour.

3. Missing the sound of waves crashing to the shore or the wind blowing through the palm trees leaves? Go to the beach with one of the many live streams from beaches all around the world.

4. Make a train journey to the Norwegian Arctic Circle.

5. Take a walking tour almost anywhere in the world!! It’s like you’re wandering alone through the city streets, discovering that place for yourself!

6. Book an online experience on Airbnb. While in-person experiences are not available right now due to Coronvavirus, you can still book exciting virtual activities with hosts from any place in the world. How about meeting the dogs of Chernobyl or a Puertorican Salsa Dance Party?

7. Visit one of the Vatican’s museums. Or all of them, we have plenty of time.

8. Take a virtual hike and discover one of the US National Parks with Google Earth.

9. Go to Hawaii.

10. Feeling homesick after a place you had visited before, or maybe the place you were born? Check these destination-inspired scented candles.

11. Take a virtual tour in 360 of Taj Mahal and Kathmandu.

12. Relax with Fado music from Portugal, Bossa Nova from Brazil, or Ukulele traditional music from Hawaii. Or you can search for your favorite traditional music. These are my favorite from my latest trips.

13. Take a cooking class with an Italian grandmother and learn how to make pasta and other traditional Italian dishes.

14. Order a monthly box with sweets and snacks from all over the world. A different country every month!

15. Take a virtual tour of British Royal Houses: online tours are available for Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and Palace of Holyroodhouse, Queen’s Scottish residence. And while you’re browsing on their official website, check this Cinnamon Stars Royal Recipe too!

16. Learn how to cook a new dish from far away corners of the world. My favorite – Haupia Pie from Hawaii.

17. Take an African safari and see the elephants at Tembe Elephant Park.

18. Take a virtual tour of Nasa Langley Research Center and Glen Research Center.

19. Try every month different coffees from around the world.

20. Learn a new language. You can try learning the language of your next travel destination and use all this free time you have right now to practice it.

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    3 May 2020 at 00:21

    That is some really incredible tips! Didn’t know you could do all these things online! I have to say, as a coffee addict, no 19 is tempting me sooo much.

  • Reply
    4 May 2020 at 09:52

    Thank you! 🙂
    I’ve been trying myself no 14 for some months already, the box with sweets from all around the world, and I’m more than happy 😀

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