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The complete guide to Aero Island

If you’re looking to spend a handful of days away from the crowds, in a natural and serene atmosphere, Aero Island might be the perfect getaway for you. For good reason, the island located in the South of Funen Archipelago is considered to be the loveliest island of Denmark.

There are three main towns – Aeroskobing – the “fairytale town” with its well-preserved historic houses, Marstal – the largest city, with a long maritime history, and Soby, where old Viking boats are still restored.

Once you arrive here, you will be greeted with country roads heading off into the distance, surrounded by green fields, charming farmhouses, and colorful beach huts lined up along the seashore.

The island can be easily reached by ferry, from Svendborg or Fynshav – see here the routes and prices.

What to visit

  • Voderup Klint
  • The Vesterstrand Beach Huts
  • Old Churches
  • Marstal Maritime Museum (Marstal Søfartsmuseum)
  • Aeroskobing Town Museum
  • Hammerichs Hus Museum
  • Rise Bryggeri
  • Soby Lighthouse (Skjoldnaes Fyr)

Voderup Klint

Voderup Klint is a natural reserve with 33 meters high cliffs leading down to a rocky beach. The steep slopes, covered in green fields hug the coast. It is the right place for having a picnic or a walk and be amazed by the beauty of nature.

The Vesterstrand Beach Huts

The colorful huts lined along the seashore are an iconic image for the Danish island of Aero. Some of them are old, and they are a treasured property for the Danish people, being handed over from generation to generation.

Marstal Maritime Museum (Marstal Søfartsmuseum)

An extensive space about Denmark’s maritime history. The museum houses over 200 model ships, paintings, ships in the bottles and it’s full of information. Free guides are available during summer on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11:00. More about the museum here.

Aeroskobing Town Museum

A small museum about the city of Aeroskobing, where you can find out more about the history, culture, and people of this medieval old town. More about the museum here.

Hammerichs Hus Museum

It was once the house of the sculptor Gunnar Hammerich; now, the old building is a small museum that displays antique collections, sculptures and also one of the largest tiles collection in Denmark. More about the museum here.

Rise Bryggeri

Rise Bryggeri is a small brewery located in Store Rise village, 7km from Aeroskobing. Since 1926, they brew the Aero beer that you can find in stores all over Denmark. During the summer, the brewery is open to the public, and beer tastings and guided tours are available.

Soby Lighthouse (Skjoldnaes Fyr)

The lighthouse in Soby dates from the 19th century; surrounded by green golf fields and a rocky beach leading down to the sea, it’s the westernmost point of the island. Once you get to the top platform, you will be delighted with beautiful views of the sea unfolding in front of you.

Old Churches

If you like visiting old churches, Aero is the place to do that. Many of them date back from the Middle Age, and you will even find Neolithic burial places. All are very well preserved and, if you have not visited before a Danish church, you will be surprised with the combination of colors (blue for the ocean and red for the blood) and with the model ships hanging from the ceiling. Aeroskobing Church, Bregnige Church, Ommel Church, and Tranderup Church are just some of the churches you should visit while in Aero.

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  • Bike around the island
  • Spend a Day at the Beach
  • Go Fishing
  • Eat Apricot Icecream at Cafe Aroma
  • Follow the Nightwatch in Aeroskobing
  • Get married

Bike around the island

With all its beautiful scenery and the traffic almost inexistent, the island is the perfect place to take your bike and get to know Aero with the wind in your hair. There are a lot of cycling routes and, if you don’t have your own, you can rent a bike in one of the three main towns – Aeroskobing, Marstal or Soby.

Spend a day at the beach

Aero is one of the sunniest parts of Denmark, and during summer you can enjoy one of the many beaches, without having the feeling of a crowded place. Try Vesterstrand, with shallow waters and the beautiful beach huts, Erikshale or Soby beach.

Go fishing

Another thing the island is known for is the sea trout fishing. There are many peaceful beaches where you can try your luck, but, first of all, you will need a fishing license – this can be bought at the Tourist Office in Aeroskobing or online:

Eat apricot ice cream at Café Aroma

Café Aroma is a popular place in Aeroskobing for having a snack or an ice-cream. I particularly liked the apricot ice-cream, but they have many other assortments to try on.

Follow the Nightwatch in Aeroskobing

Just before the sunset, during the summer months, the Nightwatch walks the visitors in the old city of Aeroskobing. City guided tours are o good opportunity to find out more about the city and its past. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, the tour is in English.

Get married

Lately, Aero Island became a favorite destination for those in search of an intimate, nice wedding. Thanks to the relaxed legal requirements and the lessened bureaucracy, getting married here is uncomplicated and beautiful, how it really should be, with no hassle and stress attached.

Where to stay

  • Vingaarden (Marstal) – a charming farmhouse dating from 1872. The backyard is full of trees, and you can see the ocean from the kitchen window.
  • Hotel Aroma in Aeroskobing
  • Andelen Guesthouse
  • Hotel På Torvet
  • Hotel Ærøhus
  • Camping and shelters – if you want to be completely in the middle of nature, try one of the many camping/shelter areas available on the island.

Where to eat

  • Aeroskobing Rogeri – a large selection of smoked fish, served on plates with potato salad or as sandwiches with bread an butter
  • Restaurant Mumm – a little overpriced, but suitable for a candlelight dinner
  • Café Den Gamle Købmandsgaard – best place for coffee and homemade cakes
  • På Torvet – for lunch, wines and beers in the center of Aeroskobing.
  • Badehotel Restaurant – Italian food with sea view

What makes Aero Island a special place

Friendly weather – it has considerably more sunny days per year than the rest of Denmark, and the temperatures are moderate.

Free buses – all year round, for everyone. The buses provide extra space for bicycles and are pet-friendly.

You can buy local products – different types of fruit jams, biscuits and souvenirs – beautifully painted stones from the people front doors, by putting the money into a jar.

Many locals don’t even lock their homes, because the crime rate on the island is zero.

The island, with its peacefulness, serenity and lush nature is a suitable retreat for artists, painters, and writers. So, thinking about writing a novel? Aero might have the perfect set up for that.


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