Aero Island Denmark Photo Diaries

Photo Diaries: The beautiful island of Aero

Located in the Baltic Sea, Aero is one of the most beautiful islands of Denmark. With a rural charm, the island is a combination of 18th-century houses and cottages, colorful beach huts, rustic farms, and windy hills. I think it’s a perfect destination if you want to let behind all the city hustle and learn again, even for a couple of days, to live simply and close to nature.

Beach Huts in Aeroskobing – this is one of the images I will always keep in mind when I think about Aero Island: the colorful huts at the seashore, facing the sunny but windy fields of the island.

Old houses with terracotta roofs in Aeroskobing, one of the three main towns of the island.

Aeroskobing: boats quietly waiting in the morning sun.

Old farmhouse in Marstal, dating from 1872.

Peacefull cobbled streets in Aeroskobing, looking just like in a Hans Christian Andersen tale.

Morning in the garden. It’s still summer, but you can already feel the breezy autumn coming.

Misty fields in Marstal.

The beach huts, lined around the sea. One of the most photogenic parts of the island.

The rocky beach at Voderup Klint, a 33 meters high cliff with green fields leading down to the sea.

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