100 Days of Summer

Summer Experiences: Be open to the city and the city will be open to you

“If you have someone you think is the one, take them and travel around the world. Buy a plane ticket for the two of you to travel all over the world, to places that are hard to reach and hard to get out of.”

And that’s what I’m doing 🙂 The second interview from Summer Experiences is with Andrei, my partner in crime for all our journeys and road-trips and the person I travel the world with.

Read on to discover what his summer in Berlin looks like.

How would you define your summertime in Berlin?

The long sunny summer days are few, but definitely worth the wait during winter 😛

What are your favorite places to go out in Berlin in summer?

First, it’s the swimming pool at Haubentaucher, definitely worth going to with any chance. And in Berlin, those chances are not many, so better make them count. Then, any of the million parks around, like the Friedrichshain Volkspark, Mauerpark, Tempelhof or the hills of Grunewald. Not least, many of the terraces and cafes on Kastanienallee (like Prater Biergarten), at Rosenthalerplatz (e.g. Cafe Commonground) and on the banks of Spree at Friedrichstraße Bahnhof (like Vincent Piano Bar).

What is the most beautiful summer memory you remember?

This one is not in Berlin. It’s the entire road-trip throughout Portugal, from Porto in the north, to Lisbon, and then all the way down to Algarve.

What’s your favorite activity during summer?

In Berlin again, going out in parks and laying on the grass with a beer until the late sundown.

What would you recommend to a first comer in Berlin?

Be open to the city and it will be open to you. You’ll definitely appreciate the freedom and multicultural vibe. And go out a lot, do stuff. With all that’s going on around, it’s a pity to stay inside.

What’s the traditional food in Berlin during summer? What’s your favorite?

Berlin’s traditional food is not quite on my taste. But then again, there’s plenty of other things to choose from. Italian, Asian, Greek, Spanish, Turkish, Arab, American, South American, European, Seafood, Vegan. Too many to name them all. I personally like the burger joints. There’s like one at every block.

Your favorite place to eat in Berlin?

Again, a couple of burger joints (SchillerBurger on Kastanien), the Russian restaurant Gorki Park at Rosenthalerplatz, or the Greek one, Asteria, at Eberswalderstrasse. Oh, and as a little local secret, try the chili wings from MeNu Korean Chicken under the U-Bahn line at Schönhauser Allee. They’re the best!

If you wouldn’t be in Berlin right now, what’s the place you would like to spend your summer in?

Hmm… Eiter of the East or West coasts of the USA, on a beach in South America or on an island in the Pacific 😀

What smells remind you of summer?

The smell of ice cream, beer, and the ocean breeze.

Ice coffee or a cocktail?

Always an ice coffee.


If you like this interview and you have interesting stuff about your city during summer to share, leave a comment below or drop me an email and we’ll set up a little interview. Also a photo shooting, if you are currently in Berlin! 🙂

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