A Wednesday in Hamburg

Since the first weeks I moved here, Hamburg has been on my bucket-travel-list. I have been craving to discover its maritime spirit, the harbor, the unknown streets, the buildings and the ships. But, unfortunately, all those things remained just might-have-beens (because two other northern destinations have stolen my heart in the meantime – Rostock and Warnemünde). Until one Wednesday morning.

We drive for almost 3 hours and, finally, we’ve met it: Germany’s second largest city, “The Gateway to the World”, was in front of us, a bit windy and cloudy, a bit serious and thoughtful.

And because that wasn’t supposed to be a visiting trip but more of a “we’re just walking wherever our steps will guide us” kind of trip, we’ve started with Blankenese, a former fishing village to the west of Hamburg, located right on the Elbe river.

The beach was completely empty and, despite the cold wind, I could stay there for hours, just to unwind and clearly hear my thoughts.

Back to the city center, we stopped randomly for brunch (as in a BIG lunch actually) in one of the many places near the harbor.

For the next couple of hours, we just wonder around aimlessly, in our attempt to better get the city’s atmosphere, without having anything planned or must-visit on our to-do list. And sometimes, that can be such a comforting thing to do!

But this spring I’ll come back in Hamburg for sure; there are so many more cool spots to discover and, especially, the traditional Hamburg’s Fish Market I didn’t have yet the chance to explore. So, Hamburg, Bis zum nächsten Mal!

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