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September: 10 Things I Loved this Month


September is my birthday month and the first month when I start to feel the fall coming slowly around (even though here in California is a bit different as it was in Europe, and we don’t have all the fall signs so early in September). Anyway, it is still the first month of fall and the beginning of the everything-Pumpkin season!

Well, for those who know me, I love celebrations, be it birthdays, holidays, or just getting together for different reasons. They structure my year and are a reason to get ready, make lists, see friends and be happy. 

And because fall is the season when I love to get my ideas together, spend more time in cozy places and make new plans for the rest of the year (while counting the days until Christmas), I think this is a good time to start something new. So let me introduce you to the first article in the series, “10 things I loved this month”! Every month, I’ll fill a list with ten things that caught my eye and warmed my heart, be it some new ice cream, a beautiful view, or a good book. 

That being said, read below my first September list with ten things I loved this month:

1. Lemonade Birthday Cake at Ocean Beach

For my birthday this year, I chose this ombre cake with raspberry and lemon filling from Noe Valley Bakery. So delicious!


2. Ikea Fall Napkins

I fell in love with these fall napkins from Ikea! And I think I’ll keep using them until the winter holidays!

ikea paper napkins

3. Reading a good book

Violeta by Isabel Allende, one of my favorite authors, was one of the best books I’ve read lately!


4. End of Summer S’mores Ice cream

My favorite ice cream on a Sunday weekend in Marina. I always liked  the special ice cream flavors from Hometown’s Creamery.

5. A long waited rain

I wish we’d have more of that!

cloudy sky

6. The view from the Kaiyo rooftop

Especially on a cloudy day!

7. This beautiful rose bouquet

Fridays are for getting a roses bouquet from Trader Joe’s!

8. My new Birdies flats

It was love at first sight! Usually, I have a hard time choosing a new pair of shoes, but with these, I made up my mind in less than 5 minutes!


9. Black Cardamom Latte from Blue Bottle

I might love everything pumpkin spice, but this Cardamom Latte is beyond everything and it’s my favorite fall drink!


10. A walk on the beach

No matter the weather! But I love it even more when it’s a bit windy and cloudy!


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