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Salzburger Nockerl – the famous austrian soufflé

Salzburger Nockerl is a sweet soufflé made with eggs, sugar (a lot of sugar), flour, vanilla, and occasionally raspberry sauce.

Salzburger Nockerl originates from Salzburg, Austria, and its picks of fluffy souffle represent the three mountains around Salzburg: Mönchsberg, Kapuzinerberg, and Rainberg. This special extra-sweet dessert started its culinary journey in the 17th century when it was created by Salome Alt, the mistress of the archbishop of Salzburg, and up until today, it’s been one of the iconic dishes of the city.

The Salzburger Nockerl must be freshly cooked, so it takes about 20 minutes to bring it to your table, but it’s worth the wait. We had this dessert while we were visiting Salzburg at Cafe Mozart, and it was delicious. Some other interesting restaurants where you can have a good Salzburger Nockerl are Blue Gans (an old inn dating from 1350!) and Elefant Restaurant, both in Salzburg.

Best places to eat Salzburger Nockerl in Salzburg:
Blaue Gans
Cafe Mozart
Elefant Restaurant

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